Photos : Police Protest in Liège, Belgium

07 December 2016

This Wednesday, at 2 pm, a police demonstration began on the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège. It ended after a meeting between the trade union delegations, Attorney General Christian De Valkeneer and the prosecutor of King Philippe Dulieu. The policemen come out satisfied. Several important changes have been made to the procedure in case of serious or fatal injury to a suspect during an arrest.

The cause of this demonstration was a memorandum from the public prosecutor of the King of Liège concerning the use of coercion by police officers who (summarized) said that, in unplanned operations, in case of use of a firearm in the direction of a person with or without injury, hearings shall be conducted as soon as possible.

In order to do this, the circular simply advocates convincing the police to waive their right to have a 10-day period to consult a lawyer (Salduz 3 law).

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