Photos : Stop Tihange ! Human chain between Belgium, Germany and Netherlands

25 June 2017

The inhabitants of the Liège area and, more broadly, of the Euregio zone (including the cities of Liège in Belgium, Maastricht in the Netherlands and Aachen in Germany) have for many years been worried about the activity they maintain. the Tihange NPP located about 35km south-west of Liège.

This power plant, like the one of Doel in the province of Antwerp are regularly subject to breakdowns. These malfunctions worry in Belgium but also beyond the borders.

For several weeks, social networks have allowed the emergence of a citizen action to create a human chain of about 90km connecting the nuclear power plant of Tihange to the cities of the Euregio, namely, Liège, Maastricht and Aachen.

This human chain aims to protest against the conservation of the activity of the Nuclear Power Plant from Tihange. The goal is to reach a human chain 90km long, one citizen every meter.
This series covers the beginning of the chain, near the nuclear power plant, on June 25, 2017.

These pictures are available at Hans Lucas.

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