Coping at all cost

Dealing with the second wave, no matter what happens.

Yannick Hansenne, 42 years old, is a nurse at the Mont Legia hospital in Liège, Belgium. In charge of an intensive care unit, he is facing with his teams a second wave of the Covid19 pandemic which is hitting the region of Liège. In just a few weeks, this city has become the epicenter of this second wave in Europe. Called by some the new Bergamo.

Mont Legia is the most recent and perhaps the best-prepared hospital to face this second wave. Intensive care teams have cared for 180 patients with critical conditions for the most part throughout this second assault of the pandemic.
The hospital’s intensive care units have a capacity of 48 beds. At the peak of the second wave on November 1st, 2020 at Mount Legia, 52 patients were being cared for. This compares to 37 patients at the peak of the first wave on April 14, 2020.

To cope, the hospital transformed a recovery room to accommodate 17 additional patients.

To cope, the intensive care services of the hospital received the reinforcement of about 50 nurses coming mainly from the operating room and the general care units.