Humanity is not pity

Since the dismantling of the Calais Jungle on February 29th, 2016, no European plan has been created to provide effective assistance to migrants.
Facing of the influx of migrants into the northern region of France and Belgium, the language has been hardened.
Police no longer hesitate to prevent the creation of new camps by burning and tearing the tents and sleeping bags of migrants.
Tired of seeing this political inaction, a small group of Belgian and French citizens are mobilizing and organizing aid through harvests of clothing, food, shoes or blankets to support these humans who are trying to find a better life. Migrants still have the same target, try to cross to UK.
Normally, the crime of solidarity no longer exists, but in reality police prevent anyone from helping migrants. A blurring settles around this
situation. Aid and accommodation for migrants is now considered illegal.
Not hesitating to brave the risks, a small group of citizens try to provide as much help as possible.

Story in progress, started in February 2018 between France and Belgium.