Valentin Bianchi is a freelance photojournalist based in Liège, Belgium, close to Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Between work on long-term issues, he also shoots regularly for wire agencies and newspapers on current affairs or portraits.


Flee for Her

Whether they are already mothers or not, whether they are from Guinea, Somalia or Djibouti, these women have one thing in common, they fled pain. The pain for her but mostly for their daughter. These women are all victims of female genital mutilation, often called female circumcision.

The hope to exist

The Hope to Exist

A few weeks after the last bombardments on Gaza, life trying to recover.
The destroyed buildings are almost all rebuilt, however, some traces are still visible. Most promises are not respected. The fishing area is not expanded steadily, hospitals are desperately short of medecine, electrics cuts are still too frequent. Continue reading  


Stars and Rain

In April 2010, when I start my story about Victoire, a young autistic woman living in Belgium, questions begin to arise naturally on the situation of children with autism in the world. I decided to start research on autism outside of Europe. Continue reading  

Au coeur de la zone rouge

Inside the Red Zone

February 3rd, 2011. Team of the Heliported Medical Center (CMH) from Bra-Sur-Lienne is called for an emergency on a car crash. Information received by radio is «dead body» found in a crashed car. The weather is harsh in this region of the Belgian Ardennes, the thick fog this morning that prevents the team from taking… Continue reading  

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