Photos : Demonstration in front of the Vottem Closed Center to protest against the Belgian government’s migration policy

Vottem, Belgium. October 13th, 2018. Demonstration in front of the Vottem Closed Center to protest against the Belgian government’s migration policy. On 9 October, a young Eritrean man committed suicide in this center after being isolated from the rest of the Eritrean community in the center.

Photos : Citizen action in historic area of Liège, Belgium in order to raise awareness about the problem of poverty

Liège, Belgium. October 12, 2018. Citizen action to display two banners representing photos of homeless people from Liège on the Liège town hall located on Place du Marché. The action was also an opportunity for a small group of homeless people to raise awareness among passers-by about the problem of poverty. This symbolic action is… Continue reading 

Photos : Citizen action, photos of homeless people glued on electoral panels in Liège

Liège, Belgium. Wednesday September 26th, 2018. A group of citizens decided to carry out a “shock” action to contest the lack of actions of the politics concerning homeless people, just before the elections. They stuck hundreds of homeless photos from Liège over the election posters in the Place des déportés.

Photos : Inauguration of the International Chair “Violence against women and girls in conflict” in the presence of Dr. Denis Mukwege in Liège, Belgium

Liège, Belgium. September 21th, 2018. Inauguration of the International Chair “Violence against women and girls in conflict” in the presence of Dr. Denis Mukwege. The event was organized by the University of Liège. A morning of meetings with different interlocutors was proposed to the public. In the wake of these presentations, a screening of the… Continue reading 

Photos : Portraits in Charleroi, on assignment for Belgian Newspaper L’Echo

On September 5th, 2018. I had the pleasure to do a portrait session in Charleroi for Belgian newspaper L’Echo in Charleroi. During this portrait session, I did some portraits of Virginie Dufrasne, Claudia Gathon, Matthieu Bakolas, Jean-Jacques Cloquet and Jean-Michel Van Den Eeyden. This portrait session took place at La Manufacture Urbaine in Charleroi. If… Continue reading 

Photos : Urban garden around Liège, Belgium

In recent years, urban vegetable gardens have become popular in all major European cities. However, the phenomenon is not new in Wallonia and more particularly in Liège, Belgium. Indeed, most of the city’s inhabitants have known these vegetable gardens in the Liège landscape since their early childhood. The most famous and largest in Wallonia, the… Continue reading 

Photos : Traditional political speech of the May 1st from the PS and PTB political parties in Liège, Belgium

Selected for a Masterclass with Noor and Nikon in Brussels, Belgium.

What a great surprise ! I have the pleasure to announce that I’ve been selected for a Masterclass with Noor and Nikon in Brussels, Belgium. From March 19th to March 22th 2018. The teachers will be Benedicte Kurzen, Sanne de Wilde and Pep Bonet ! Impatient to start this workshop with the other talented photographers.… Continue reading 

Exhibition : Retroprospective at Galerie23 during BIP 2018

I’ve been invited by St-Luc Liège for this collective exhibition during BIP 2018 at Galerie23 in Liège, Belgium. I have the pleasure to exhibit a selection of pictures from the past 10 years and you will have the opportunity to see works also from 3 great photographers, Julie-Marie Duro, Benjamin Leveaux and Samuel Defourny !… Continue reading 

Photos : Uprising of a Bridge in Lixhe, Belgium

Lixhe, Belgium. February 8, 2018. The cable-stayed bridge of Lixhe, which spans the Albert Canal, near Visé, rose overnight between Wednesday and Thursday. The uprising reaches 65cm at its highest point. One of the connecting rods holding the work has given way. Repairs are underway.

Photos : Closure of Carrefour supermarkets in Belgium, social disaster in sight

Liège, Belgium. January 25, 2018. Following Carrefour’s announcement of a restructuring plan, workers at the Carrefour hypermarket in Belle-Ile decided to close the store in protest. The management of Carrefour Belgium has announced the closure of several hypermarkets in Belgium. This represents several hundred jobs on the country. At the scale of the Belle-Ile hypermarket… Continue reading 

Photos : Human Chain in Brussels

Brussels, January 21th, 2018. Citizen action at the initiative of the “Citizen Refugee Support Platform” managed to channel more than 2,500 people in Brussels in less than 48 hours to create a human chain between the steps of the Gare du Nord and the Parc Maximilian. This action was intended to protest against frequent police… Continue reading 

Photos : Anti-Islam Protest in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam, Netherlands. 20 January 2018. The center of the city of Rotterdam hosted this afternoon an anti-Islam demonstration organized on the initiative of Geert Wilders of the PVV party. Thousands of people, supporters of Geert Wilders but also members of far-right groups and Belgian Flemish nationalists were present to support the candidate of the PVV… Continue reading 

Photos : Tour de France 2017 Stopover in Liège, Belgium.

On July 2nd, 2017, the arrival of a stopover from the Tour de France 2017 took place in Liège, Belgium. The opportunity for many cycling fans to come and see this great sporting event. Viewpoint of spectators along the finish line…

Photos : Stop Tihange ! Human chain between Belgium, Germany and Netherlands

The inhabitants of the Liège area and, more broadly, of the Euregio zone (including the cities of Liège in Belgium, Maastricht in the Netherlands and Aachen in Germany) have for many years been worried about the activity they maintain. the Tihange NPP located about 35km south-west of Liège. This power plant, like the one of… Continue reading 

Photos : Anti Trump March in Brussels

At the end of May, Donald Trump, president of the United States, comes to Belgium to attend the NATO summit. A March has been organized in streets of Brussels to protest against the arrival of Donald Trump.

Freelens Mentor 2017, Session #2 in Brussels – Finalist with Stars & Rain

On May 4th, at IHECS in Brussels, I had the pleasure to be selected for the second session of Mentor Program 2017 with my story “Stars & Rain” with 6 others photographers. © Sara Correia Lima Here is the complete list of Photographers selected for this session #2 in Brussels. – Sidney Léa Le Bour… Continue reading 

Tearsheet : Article in French Magazine Les Inrocks, Molenbeek one year after

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to collaborate with the french magazine, Les Inrocks for a reportage in Molenbeek with the journalist Grégoire Comhaire. The district of Molenbeek wants to turn the page of its reputation as a cradle of terrorism by giving a large place to culture. A symbol of this renewal,… Continue reading 

Photos : Dutch Election Day

The Dutch people were called to the polls on Wednesday, March 15th 2017 for crucial parliamentary elections. Indeed, the current context in the Netherlands provides a clear picture of what is happening on a wider scale within Europe. The rise of populism and mainly the PVV party of Geert Wilders frighten the country. Reportage in… Continue reading 

Photos : Campaign stop for Geert Wilders in the South of the Netherlands

The elections of March 15 are fast approaching in the Netherlands. The PVV party (Party for Freedom) represented by its head of list, Geert Wilders, offers a campaign stop in the south of the Netherlands. Despite the slight downturn in the last polls, his right-wing populist formation is almost equal with the Liberals. More pictures… Continue reading