Photos : HF6 – The end of an era

In this December 16th, the weather is cold and dry. A beautiful sun floods the bottom of the town of Seraing near Liège, Belgium. The inhabitants and curious begin to gather in the streets close to the blast furnace 6. This one will be destroyed after offering work to so many people of the area.… Continue reading 

Photos : Police Protest in Liège, Belgium

This Wednesday, at 2 pm, a police demonstration began on the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège. It ended after a meeting between the trade union delegations, Attorney General Christian De Valkeneer and the prosecutor of King Philippe Dulieu. The policemen come out satisfied. Several important changes have been made to the procedure in case of serious… Continue reading 

#Dysturb campaign in Liège, Belgium

At the end of the Biennale de la Photographie in Liège, I had the pleasure with a few friends to paste some posters in the town. It was a bit of Dysturb-ance but our aim was to show to people photographs they don’t want to see sometimes… Since September 2015, I was in contact with… Continue reading 

“Stars & Rain” at Extra Bal Exhibition

Between October 6th and November 13th in Liège, Belgium, there will be a great Exhibition called “Extra Bal” and I will have the pleasure to present three pictures from my story “Stars & Rain“. This exhibition is organized by the Art Galeries “Les Grignoux“. This collective exhibition will aim to expose the works of artists… Continue reading 

Exhibition : Building Bridges To END FGM in Brussels, Belgium.

Proud to tell you that one of my photographs from my ongoing story “Flee for Her” is exhibited at the moment in Brussels, Belgium. You can find this collective exhibition on Esplanade Solidarnosc,in front of the European Parliament. You can see this Photo exhibition from January 26th and displayed until February 8th 2016. Thank’s End… Continue reading 

Spotlight on my story “Flee for her” at the Photo Competition “BUILDING BRIDGES TO END FGM”

Proud to announce that one of my photographs from my story in progress “Flee for Her” has been selected for the Photo Competition “Building bridges to End FGM” ! This photograph will be exhibited on the Esplanade Solidarnosc outside the European Parliament at the end of January in Brussels, Belgium. I will update this post… Continue reading 

Photos : Europe EU Summit

Demonstrators protest against austerity measures outside of an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015. Demonstrators blocked roads around the summit, where leaders were meeting nearby, to protest agains the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and European migration policies. (Assignment for AP)

Photos : “Dark Milk”

Christian Lenoir is a farmer based in Hombourg, Belgium not far from Liege. His farm produces milk exclusively. The selling prices imposed by the European Commission are far too low for his activity to be profitable. The fruit of his labor is sold every day at a loss. Every morning and evening he milks his… Continue reading 

“Coup de coeur” ANI 2015 for my story in progress “Flee for Her” during Visa pour l’image 2015 in Perpignan, France.

Last summer, I had the pleasure to receive a “Coup de Coeur” at ANI‘s meeting for my story in progress “Flee for Her“. I received it with a great motivation to continue this important story. Thank’s again for this “Coup de coeur” ! Every year, don’t hesitate to show your work at ANI’s portfolio reviews… Continue reading 

Photos : Dairy farmers block access to Liege Airport in Belgium

Belgium dairy farmers block the access to Liege Airport in protest against the low prices. Producers demand an increase of four euro cents per liter – to 29 cents.

Exhibition : “Stars & Rain” at Galerie Satellite in Liege

I am proud to announce that my next exhibition will be held at the Satellite Gallery in Liège. My story “Stars and Rain” will be shown. From April 15th 2015 to June 21th, 2015. Satellite Gallery Cinema Churchill Rue du Mouton Blanc, 20 4000 Liège – Belgium More informations : Les Grignoux Les Chiroux –… Continue reading 

Photos : Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Brussels, Belgium – July 27th, 2014

A pro-Palestinian demonstration took place this Sunday, July 27, 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. The event was organized by the Emergency Gaza platform and gathered more than 5000 people.

Photos : Firefighters from Liège demonstrate during political events of May 1st, 2014 in Liège, Belgium

Firefighters from Liège demonstrate during political events of May 1st, 2014 in Liège, Belgium. Following recent events, the city of Liege had forbidden firefighters protest in their work clothes during the political events of May, 1st. Despite the ban, they tried to make their claims heard to the politicians present. (Assignment for Belga)

firefighter, protest, Liège, Belgium, 2014, April

Photos : Firefighters protest at the start of Liège-Bastogne-Liège cycling race

Firefighters from Liège manifest at the start of the 100th edition of the cycling race Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Departure that takes place on Place Saint-Lambert in Liege. Sunday, April 27th, 2014 in Liège, Belgium.

Interview during Festival ImagéSanté 2014 for my reportage “Stars & Rain”

During 2014 ImagéSanté Festival in Liège, I had the pleasure to show my reportage “Stars & Rain” with an exhibition in the great hall of the CHU of Liège, Belgium. I had also the opportunity to talk about this story during a live interview on ImagéSanté’s webtv. Photo : ©Matthieu Litt Here is the podcast… Continue reading 

“Stars & Rain” exhibition during 2014 ImagéSanté – International Health Film Festival

I’m proud to announce that my reportage “Stars & Rain” will be exhibited during ImagéSanté 2014, the International Health Film Festival. A selection of twelve pictures will be exhibited in the main entrance of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) from Liège, Belgium. The exhibition will be visible from March 17 to March 22 2014. Free… Continue reading 

Pictures from “Inside the Red Zone” in a testimony from a patient rescued in 2011 by the Heliported Medical Center

A few days ago, I had the honor of seeing a few pictures from my story “Inside The Red Zone” included on a video about a touching testimony from a patient rescued in 2011 by the Heliported Medical Center of Bra-Sur-Lienne. This video is in french but for sure, even if you don’t understand the… Continue reading 

French article about “Inside The Red Zone” exhibition on La Chronique Parlementaire’s website

I had the pleasure to read an article on La Chronique Parlementaire about the exhibition of my story “Inside the Red Zone” If you are interested by this article in french, check this on La Chronique Parlementaire by Jacques Gennen. Thank’s Jacques Gennen for your words ! Here is a short extract of this article… Continue reading 

plane, crash, belgium, parachutists, Fernelmont

Photos : Plane crash in Fernelmont, Belgium

A plane carrying parachutists for a skydiving trip crashed in Fernelmont, Belgium on October 19th 2013, killing all 11 people aboard. Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo quickly issued a statement confirming the crash and saying his thoughts are with the families of the victims. Minutes after the aircraft took off from a small airfield near… Continue reading 

Exhibition of “Inside the Red Zone” during CMH 2013 Open doors

One more time, I have the pleasure to see my story “Inside the Red Zone” exhibited during the Open Doors of Centre Médical Héliporté of Bra-Sur-Lienne. The exhibition will be presented on Sunday 8th September at CMH of Bra-Sur-Lienne. You could visit the exhibition for free and see other events during all the day. The… Continue reading